snacko Play Test Information

Before you consider participating:

  • Build is available for Snackie Hero ($10) patrons only
  • Alternatively, you can also pay $10 through to play, but you don’t get a pack of free stickers and access to other content ):
  • Current build is only for Windows OS, and tested on Windows 10
  • This is not a finished game. This is not an official demo. This is a very early build distributed to supporters for them to play around with. We’ll be very sad if you’re disappointed by the small amount of things you can do, so please keep this in mind
  • To participate, please fill out the form linked on Patreon

If you’re a participant:

  • The build will only be available for download on March 17th (Sunday) and March 18th (Monday)
  • You can access the download page through You must log in to your Patreon account. This download link will be available on the 17th and 18th
  • If you have an issue downloading through, please contact me and I will send you a Google Drive link
  • After you’ve played around with the build, please consider filling out our feedback form! None of the questions are required, so feel free to just list things out as you like
  • We will keep this page updated with known bugs, missing features, QoL improvements, etc. Please make sure the issue isn’t listed before reporting it ( ◞・౪・)

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